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Summit Parking Lot

Parking LotAtTheSummit

Enjoy the spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains. From here, you can look north to Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park or south to Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs. It is said that on a clear day, you can see Kansas, but I do not believe it. A short 1/4-mile trail from the parking area leads to the Mount Evans summit. If you take this hike, you can, then tell your friends, "I climbed a 14,000 mountain on my vacation!"

If there are no goats or sheep at the summit, you may have better luck by take the short hike along the rocky road to the observatory.

Parking at the summit is limited, but typically is not a problem on weekdays. On weekends, arriving early or late in the day will generally guarantee you a parking spot. If the area if full, you may park at the side of the road just before the parking area. Please do not block traffic.

If traffic at the top is heavy, please limit your stay to give others a chance to enjoy the wonderful views.

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