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Trip Photos from September 30, 2008


The Road to Mount Evans

The road to the entrance to mount evans is 15 miles long. The first 7 miles is an uphill climb but not great and few curves. The next 8 miles is definitely an uphill climb as my Jeep works to maintain 35 mph where one can actually go 35 and the Aspen can be spectacular in the fall. This was the best in a long time.

Lichen — The Rock Eaters

Lichen is an association of fungus and green alga or cyanobacterium. Lichen, therefore, is really a compound creature. This association is called “symbiosis”. The fungus is a network of small fungal root-hairs (called “hyphae”) that mechanically protects the algae which, in turn, produces carbohydrates, organic nitrogen and vitamins, thus providing the fungus with growth materials. In this manner, both organisms benefit. There are over 1,400 different species of lichens, so I will not make an attempt to see how many I can photograph.

Lichens eventually die and, when they do, their decomposition creates a weak solution of carbonic acid that eats into the rock. This “rock dust”, mixed with other organic materials makes a thin soil where mosses can grow. Mosses, in turn, provide a base for grasses and other small plants.


Other Images from 2008-09-30

View from Mount Evans Road of Echo Lake and the "Snowy Range".
Juniper Pass Overlook — View of Mount Evans
Bear Valley from Juniper Pass Overlook
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